Visual Studio Code Remotely! On a web browser, even from your iPad/Tablet.

This was a nice trick which I found to remotely login to my Visual Studio Code setup at my lab while I’m working from home. Usually, I’d had to get some SFTP plugin to remotely edit the files with my local VSCode but these extensions make it possible to simply get access to the VSCode itself. By remote, I mean you can get it to run on an AWS/Google Cloud instance as well.

Setting up VirtualMin/WebMin on Ubuntu AWS

So you finally caved and decided to move to Amazon’s AWS service, this is will guide you through the basic setup steps to get you up and running in no time. I know there is some existing tutorials out there, but I wasn’t able to find anything that had all the steps in once place.

So you got accepted for __ graduate degree in USA?

An acceptance letter from a university application. An university application form together with the letter of acceptance with a red rubber stamp of "Accepted" on a table top still life. Photographed close-up in horizontal format with selected focus on the rubber stamp impression.

As the title says, congratulations! I know it’s not an easy task to do and quite a stressful one. So it is deserved and do take couple of days off to celebrate. Have a gold marrie.

Hello world!

As the title says, hello there. I’m planning to use this blog to disperse the little things I do learn along the way. Hopefully this would help out someone who’s also facing the same problem as me but just Googling around to find the answer.